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World Class Rolling MIll Technology

The company has in house facility of machining grinding of components including steady material handling system by:

Gear Hobbing Machines Make WMW Model -16 Module/12 Imported Radial Machines 4 “ and 3”

Cylindrical Grinding Machine Make TOS mode – BUT Planning Machine Vertical Turrent Lathe 2 MT Table

Radial Drill Machines 65mm Shapping Machine of different sizes Table Types Horizontal Boring Machine Make WMW-BFT 100 Floor Type Horizontal Boring Machine make WMW Union Model

Our plant has full fledged with all modern and advance technology with 24*7 days manufacturing facilities.

Our manufacturing, inspection and servicing units are of world class and are in reached with the services of highly qualified and result oriented engineer and technician.

Our infrastructure includes:
Highly reliable localized and global vendor base. Weld and machine shop.

We commit
Total Quality assurance Shorter delivery periods After sales services Technical know how.


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