Roughing Mill Stand

Our Complete Mill Stand includes the following accessories as and where required :

  • Pressure Bolts with Worm Wheel Arrangement
  • Steel Fabricated Rest Bars & Side Bars (Swedish Type)
  • Adjustment Screws and L-Keys
  • Wear & tear Plate on the inside of Mill Stands for Long Life.
  • Bearing Chocks / Forged Steel Chocks with One Set of Roller Bearings / Fibre Bearings
  • Universal Couplings / Cast Iron Couplings, Star Grove / Key type to suit
  • Spindle Spindles manufactured out of Forged Steel, Star / Key type
  • Tie Rods with Nuts & Spacers
  • C.I. Foundation Rails along with Foundation Bolts with Nuts & Spacers
  • Tee Bolts with Nuts & Spacers

Housing/Cap of Steel Slab of 120/125mm thick complete with steel chocks suitable to Fibre Bearings. Rest Bars, Top Screw down mechanism, Shoe Bolts, Side Clamp Bolts. -

  • Housing tied with Bolts & Nuts
  • The inside housing shall be fitted with the wear plates.
  • Top roll adjustment will be by crown wheel mechanism and bottom roll adjustment with taper wedges and middle roll fixed.
  • Chocks will be of steel.
  • Cast Iron Grade - 20 base plate and shoe bolts provides.
  • Swedish Type Rest Bar will be steel fabricated.
  • Mill Stand will be complete in all respect with all the fitments except rolls and guides.